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Master Electric Safety Awards

Master Electric has integrated safety into all aspects of the company. We continuously work to develop, implement, and improve strategies, management systems, and processes to make certain that all of our tasks call for the highest level of safety performance. Utilizing the experience of our entire team, we determine the safest method of work completion in everything we do. We hold safety in extremely high regard and, because of this, we employ a full-time Certified Occupational Safety Specialist to provide safety training, inspections, and implementation of project-specific safety plans.

Safety Master

Safety Program

At Master Electric safety is at the core of all we do and is deeply embedded in our work culture. Our dedicated Safety Director manages our safety program but every employee is empowered to be a “Safety Expert”. We are proud of our strong safety program and integrate it into our culture consistently.

Our safety program includes:

  • Mandatory safety training for all employees
  • On-site safety inspections at each project
  • Implementation of project-specific safety plans
  • Job Hazard Analyses are meticulously completed at the start of every project

Rest assured – Master Electric will show up ready to work hard – and committed to working safely.

Golden Shovel

Gold Shovel Standard

The Gold Shovel Standard works to prevent life-threatening damages, empower field teams to operate safely, and protect excavation crews and the public. It is a widely-recognized indication of increased safety awareness and a commitment to continuous damage prevention improvement.

Achieving Gold Shovel Standard allows Master Electric to actively show our commitment to the day to day operations regarding excavation safety and compliance.

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