Outside Plant Construction

Our crew members are very adaptable and uniquely skilled. We have plowed up and down steep sandy hills, bored under waterways and through wetlands, dammed up a portion of the lake at Belle Isle to install manholes, removed and reinstalled sidewalks and driveways in subdivisions, cored roadways to locate utilities and lashed & installed aerial conductors and fiber/communication cabling.
Underground Division Master Electric
Underground Construction

The Outside Plant Construction projects demand a myriad of competencies:

  • Aerial, Underground Fiber Optic and Communications Cabling
  • Trenching and Plowing
  • Directional Boring
  • Fiber Optic and Copper Pulls
  • HDPE Conduit and Innerduct Installations
  • Removing and Replacing Man-Holes
  • Splicing and Terminating Fiber and Copper

Master Electric’s talented manpower enables the Outside Plant Construction division to offer complete underground or aerial fiber, copper, conduit or power build solutions. Couple this with our diverse array of equipment and we are able to meet all of your Outside Plant Construction needs.