Wildfire Credit Union Data Center
Wildfire Credit Union Data Center
Saginaw, Michigan

Owner: Wildfire Credit Union
Prime Contractor: R.C. Hendrick & Son
Completed: October 2013

Master Electric was proud to be hand-selected by R.C. Hendrick and Wildfire Credit Union to work with them on the design/build of the 40,000-square foot renovation/addition of the data center headquarters in Saginaw, Michigan.

The daily operation of the data center remained fully-functional during construction and posed many challenges for trade contractors and data center employees alike. Thanks to the pre-construction planning, Wildfire was able to conduct business-as-usual even during a complete energy shut-down needed to relocate the primary transformer.

Today, the expanded facility features LED lighting, Life Safety and Fire Alarm Systems, Card Access, CCTV Camera System, a 500-kW generator to back-up the Data and Call Center, a 150-kW generator to back-up Emergency Lighting and Life Safety Systems, and a 100-kW UPS.

The lower level of the new Data Center houses a fitness center, employee lounge, mechanical and electrical rooms, and storage. The Data and Call Center is located on the main level which showcases the new lobby and teller stations. Offices, conference rooms, and management training can now be found on the third level of the facility making it a World Class Information Processing Center.

Wildfire Credit Union
October 2013