The H Hotel
Midland, MI

Owner: Dow Chemical Corporation
Phase 1
Construction Manager: The Christman Company
Completed: December 2008
Phase 2
Construction Manager: Bulley & Andrews
Completed: October 2013

This was an extremely complex remodel project. Work had to be completed in a fully operational five-story: Five-Star Hotel, Restaurants, Lounge, Ballroom, Dow Chemical Training Facility, and Secured Private Wing. The owner needed to make changes almost hourly and most of the electrical engineering had to be done on-site.

All electrical, fire alarm and security systems had to remain functional until the new systems were tested and brought on-line.

High-end amenities were purchased from around the world making coordination and working conditions extremely difficult. Exquisite chandeliers from Europe were shipped to the site in pieces. Hundreds of crystals were individually wrapped and had to be assembled to the bases by hand.

Line drum chandeliers were sent in for the ballroom that required extensive scaffold set-up to accommodate the 10 electricians needed to install them. Workers had to be very cautious not to disturb or destroy the hand-woven carpets from Africa, the one-of-a-kind artwork, or any of the lavish furnishings they had to workaround.

The project was completed on-time and much to the Owner’s satisfaction. This is a masterpiece Master Electric is very proud to have completed.

Dow Chemical Corporation
December 2008