Aleda Lutz VA Med cntr saginaw
Aleda E. Lutz VA Medical Center Campus
Saginaw, Michigan

Owner: Department of Veteran Affairs
2007 – Present

Master Electric, Inc. has been under contract at the Aleda Lutz VA Medical Center for the past several years. During this time, we have nurtured a strong relationship with hospital staff, contracting officers, and the Veterans Administration.
In the past years, Master Electric has completed contract work for extensive installations and renovations to the hospital campus.

  • Four 500 kW Generators
  • Upgraded the entire electrical systems including service panels, feeder conduits, and cabling
  • Power Logic Programming allowing the maintenance department to monitor every panel and circuit on the hospital campus
  • Campus-wide fire alarm system (21 Buildings)
  • Campus-wide Panic/Duress Alarm System
  • CCTV cameras and security systems in all sensitive areas of the campus
  • New Energy Center Facility
  • Normal power, Emergency power, Code Blue, Nurse Call, Fire Alarm and Phone System for temporary Pre-Op and Post-Op facility
  • Installation of new electrical systems for the renovation of the surgical ward.
  • Complete IT Hub Centralization
  • 22 Building Renovations – Electrical and Data/Communication Replacement
  • Security Systems and Controls Upgrade for the entire Medical Center
Department of Veteran Affairs
2007 - Present