Our Company

In 2005, Russ and Beth Smith left the comfort and security of their long held jobs to chase down the “American Dream” and become business owners.

Armed with his expertise in electrical contracting and her experience in business management – they founded their new company in their hometown of Gladwin, Michigan. With one truck, one amazing foreman, one dedicated office manager, and one common vision – Master Electric came to life.

During the first two years of operation, the newly formed Master Electric team was successful in winning and completing several significant projects for some big name owners: Aleda Lutz VA Medical Center, Saginaw Valley State University, The US Air National Guard, The United States Federal Court System, The Dow Chemical Company. Amazingly, by the close of the year three, 2008, Master Electric had more than tripled in size, despite the effects of a failing national economy.

Master Electric continued to grow and diversify over the next several years. In 2010, Doug Smith, company Vice President, expanded the company’s portfolio with the addition of a very successful Design/Build Division. In 2013, a Prefabrication Shop was opened and the new Integrated Systems Division completed work on its first security system installation project. The acquisition of an Escanaba firm in 2014 opened up new opportunities for Master Electric in the Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin and added unique new talent to the company roster – expanding the company’s work experience into the Industrial Maintenance Market.

Today, Master Electric Continues to evolve and reach for new opportunities and new ways to be one of the best electrical contractors in the industry. Our team is still driven by its Common Vision and fierce sense of Pride – Pride in our People – Pride in our Projects – and Pride in our commitment to Preserve and Prosper.


Beth Smith


Beth’s thirty years of management and marketing experience direct the company’s accounting, advertising and administrative activities. She has a hands-on relationship with Comerica, Yeo and Yeo CPA’s and Business Consultants, Liberty Mutual Bonding and Diebold Insurance Agency; teaming with them to guide and grow Master Electric. Beth is extremely self-motivated and is exceptional at brainstorming and problem solving implementation.

Russ Smith


Russ oversees the estimating and project management departments of the company. Thirty years of practical experience has given Russ an innate sense for interpreting project construction. His leadership skills are undeniable and his fiery motivation and drive are infectious. Russ operates extremely well under pressure. He demands that the Master Electric Team drives its work ethic around the principals of the “Three P Rule: Proper – Prior – Planning."

Doug Smith

Vice President

Doug is a forward thinker with a gift for devising solutions to problems “on the fly”. He breathes fresh ideas into the company on a daily basis. His ability to learn and retain information is awe-inspiring and his commitment to being “the best” is impervious. Doug rapidly excels at business development and spearheads the company’s efforts to expand and diversify.

Estimators / Project Managers

Dave Courier

Estimator / Project Manager

Dave is a strategic planner who can dissect drawings and specifications with surgical accuracy. Dave has fifteen years of field experience and is a take-charge leader that needs very little direction. He manages his projects down to the very least detail and rarely strays off budget. With his knowledge of AutoCAD and his vast expertise of installation there is not a project that Dave cannot administer. He has great relationships with our field supervisors making every project run very effortlessly.

Jeremy Ranck

Project Manager

Jim Conger

Technology Systems Division Manager

Erik Burr

Technology Systems Estimator / Project Manager

Curt Servant

Estimator / General Manager - Escanaba

Dallas Barrow

Project Manager / Estimator - Escanaba

Administrative Support

Renai Day

Office Manager

Renai’s degree in business administration coupled with her twenty years of office experience provides Master Electric with a strong hub that all of its departments operate from and come together within. Renai is the company coordinator and scheduler; keeping everything and everyone on task. She is honest to a fault and truly cares for the company’s best interests. Renai has become well versed in the IT needs of Master Electric and strives to keep Master Electric on the cutting edge with new technologies.

Michelle Schlese


Steph Davis

Project Administrator

Sheryl Horwitz

Office Manager - Escanaba

Debra Prescott

Project Administrator - Escanaba

Master Electric, Inc. has a solid Project Management Team that works like a well oiled machine. We take great pride in providing quality work, whether in the office or on-site managing a job. Our team strives to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Two of our most important objectives to managing a successful project are: “keeping on schedule” and “communicating effectively with the Owner”.

To ensure schedule adherence, Master Electric’s on-site Foreman and our Project Management Team work together to complete the scope of work prior to the projected completion date. We take a proactive approach to solving schedule delays by preparing “Two-Week Look Ahead Schedules”. During this look ahead process, the Foreman and Project Manager will forecast which work tasks they hope to accomplish, what materials and equipment will be needed and how the labor force will be assigned to accomplish the two week goal. The Two-Week Look Ahead Schedule is then submitted to the Owner for review and comment. At this time, any possible workflow issues can be resolved before work progresses into this two-week phase.

The two-week forecast is a great tool that forces our Foreman to plan ahead, eliminate roadblocks and prevent unforeseen obstacles from keeping the project on schedule.

Labor Force

Master Electric currently employs over 30 licensed electricians and state-registered apprentices. All of our electricians are members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Many have completed five years in the National Joint Apprenticeship Training program. All electricians complete the annual code update requirements.

Most of our electricians carry several safety certifications: OSHA 30, OSHA 10, Lead Paint Awareness, Asbestos Awareness, Aerial lift certification, Great Lakes Safety certification, First Aid and CPR certification, to name a few. We enforce random drug testing, safe driving records, and background check clearance. We mandate that each employee attend weekly safety meetings held on every Master Electric job site. We have zero tolerance for unsafe work practices and expect complete compliance with our Safety Policies.

Master Electric is a union contracting company and employs local licensed electricians to help install our projects under the watchful eyes of our onsite management team.

Pre Construction Approach

For seventeen years, Master Electric has been preparing cost estimates using “Estimation Logistics” software. Linked into Estimation is “Trade Service”, an online guide that offers daily updated market pricing for electrical materials. Together, these two systems form the base estimate for total labor and miscellaneous materials based on the estimator’s input of quantities and task units.

After the base estimate is calculated, fixture, switchgear, generator and package pricing is let out to our vendor partners for competitive bid and value-added alternates. Once the package pricing is entered into Estimation, the system generates a project cost total based on the total labor, miscellaneous materials and package pricing.

Estimation is flexible and allows us to build a uniquely structured pricing layout for the individual parameters of each bid package. Estimation Logistics has been completely reliable and henceforth, Master Electric consistently submits competitive bid proposals to Owners.

Quality Control

Master Electric has a strong commitment to providing a superior experience for each and every Owner during their construction process. To help accomplish this level of satisfaction, we have implemented several layers of quality control in order to maintain Owner confidence and expectation.

Level 1 | Receiving

  • Raw materials are inspected upon delivery for damaged packaging and quantity verification.
  • Any item received in a damaged package is immediately opened and inspected.
  • Damages caused by carrier are rejected and a transportation claim is filed on-the-spot.
  • Quantity discrepancies are reported to the supplier so expedited delivery can be arranged for shortages.

Level 2 | Installation

  • An on-site quality control representative inspects material for defects during the installation process.
  • Defective parts are removed from the installation site, documented and set-up for return and/or exchange.
  • Methods of installation set forth in project specifications and manufacturers instruction advice are strictly enforced by our on-site supervisor.
  • Electrical Authority from the state or township inspect the installation at critical phases to ensure proper quality control and workmanship adherence.

Level 3 | Owner Acceptance

  • The Owner/Construction Manager and/or Architect walk-thru the project to create a punch-list of items to be corrected.
  • Punch-list items are completed.
  • Owner submits Final Acceptance.
  • Electrical Authority submits Final Acceptance.


Quality Control begins at project inception with product selection. In many situations, Master Electric will offer alternate American-Made items that provide superior workmanship and manufacturer warranty. During construction phases, Master Electric acts on behalf of the Owner to inspect product selections for defect and damage to follow these inferior items through the exchange and replacement processes. Finally, Master Electric will work with the Owner during the warranty period to assist in necessary corrections.

Master Electric takes "Job Safety" very seriously. We have implemented a four·step Safety Program to insure the best safety practices are being followed at every project job site. Each job task is identified prior to mobilization and specific safety procedures are set into motion to make the project site a safe workplace. Supervision and Labor are then trained with the appropriate safety awareness needed for every phase of work, each potential hazard on the site, basic emergency response and equipment operation procedures. Weekly safety meetings are held at each project site and surprise safety inspections are performed by our company Safety Director. Finally, a scheduled site inspection is taken and results are shared with the Construction Manager and/or Owner.

In an effort to preserve and protect everyone on the job site, Master Electric strictly enforces a Zero Offense Tolerance Policy.

Safety Director
Charlie Trumble, COSS
Certified Occupational Safety Specialist


  • Aerial Lift Training
  • Asbestos Awareness Training
  • COSS, Certified Occupational Safety Specialist
  • Certified to conduct lead-based paint renovation, repair, and painting activities
  • CPR Training
  • Fall Protection Training
  • High Voltage Training
  • Masonry and Wall Bracing Training
  • Mini Excavating Training
  • OSHA 10 and OSHA 30
  • Scaffolding Training

Please check back as we continue to add our safety training and certifications.

National Electrical Contractors Association

Michigan Business & Professionals Association

NECA/IBEW Local 692